New Year - a resolution to update my blog more often!

December 28, 2016

New Year - a resolution to update my blog more often!

Well, it has indeed been a long time since I posted a blog post here!  Good time for a resolution. 

Just a week ago we added Afterpay as an alternate way to pay for your purchases.  Of course you still can pay via Paypal or phoning me with your purchase order and Card details. Details of Afterpay can be found beside each product.  There is a link attached.

It is now between Christmas and New Year, that calm bit of time in our household with different children and grandchildren travelling up from the city for a quiet time at our house.  We are in the middle of juggling grandkids; with a relatively (pun intended) clean house, full fridge ready for the next lot of family, and a bit of free time to develop new designs, sew, and fine-tune the website.  So here I am!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.

This year has been an extremely challenging year where we battled the falling $AU (and therefore increased prices on the imported dies we used to sell), and we made the decision mid-year that we would continue to offer and expand our Made in Australia, Blue Wren Fabric Cutting Dies for our customers.  Not only have they proved popular here in Australia, but also overseas.  So our little business idea has grown and continues to grow as people give us suggestions for dies they want for a particular project.

We have made the Kangaroos and will be making more Australiana soon. 

We have made over 100 new shapes this year, at least 50% have been made by request.  It all started with the large circles...they were not available to Australians or New Zealanders, so we decided to dust off the equipment, upgrade the machinery and make them.  Would you believe, our very first completed die was 1" finished squares!  This was a die shape that customers had been telling me they wanted for at least 4 years before.  The perfect use of all those scrappy bits.

Our Magic Strip cutters are proving to be as popular as we thought they would, especially with people who own a Sizzix cutter. these dies fit all cutters, but there hasn't been the variety for owners of smaller cutters until now.  

This coming year I would love to see even more input from you, our customers.  I would also appreciate it if you could post photos of your completed projects made with the Blue Wren dies, on the Facebook page, Blue Wren Fabric Cutting Dies and Templates - Australia.  I usually post news there of any new dies.

My New Year's resolution is to update my blog here more frequently!  Now... see if I keep it!


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