Quilting Rates

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Quilting Services


The quilting rates below are based on a square foot.                                          

(To calculate the square footage - multiply width by length for total square inches. Divide Total square inches by 144 to give Total, in square feet ____.) ie. An 80” x 70” quilt top = 5,600 inches, divide by 144 to get square feet = 38.8 square feet. Therefore, to machine baste a 38.8 square foot quilt at $2.50/sq ft, will be $97.20. To quilt it with an edge to edge design, it would cost $153.20. 





Edge to Edge, Continuous, Minimum $80.00

per sq foot


Freestyle, Medium to large Stippling, from

per sq foot


Stitch in the Ditch, from

per sq foot



per sq foot


Quilt Basting,

per sq foot


Binding         apply to front, machine sewn

per inch


       “             apply to front, hand sewn finish

per inch


Quilt Labels – from selection*



Pressing of Quilt, if required



Minimum charge per quilt




             *printed on fabric, embroidered, (custom or generalised),as a patch or embroidered on the quilt backing.

 Prices subject to change, but accurate as at 26th May, 2018

 Please call 0438877664 to discuss postage rates.

I can also supply batting, Presently I have;

                              Matilda’s Own King size pure cotton white 120” wide priced at $23.00 a metre

                Matilda’s Own King size pure cotton charcoal 120” wide at $23.00 a metre

Other batting I can get as required, but you are more than welcome to supply your own.

Please make sure the quilt is free of loose threads, (fasten them off) and that the batting and backing is 4-6 inches larger than the top to be quilted (quilting tightens the quilt). Press the quilt top with seams going to one side of each seam line. Do not baste the edges, but please label the top of the quilt top, the backing and the batting with a safety pin, and ensure that any pieced backing has seams pressed open.

When posting, please use a satchel slightly larger than needed so it can be returned in the same sized satchel.

Most quilts will fit in a 5kg prepaid satchel from the Post Office, please place a return addressed satchel inside along with your email address so we can discuss via email suitable designs.