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Triangles, Equilateral 3¼" tall to the top of dog ears, cut size - 3 39/64"finished sides - Multi x 4 (6442)

Triangles, Equilateral 3¼" tall to the top of dog ears, cut size   -

3 39/64"finished sides - Multi x 4 (6442)

Make a stunning quilt just from triangles, or combine with other dies,

This particular die was requested by customers to go with a template they have purchased, for a certain collections of quilts but requires hundreds of this shape. 

Uses a 6" x 12" cutting mat (2612) INCLUDED !

Cuts 6 layers of 100% cotton (recommended), although it can cut 8 layers occasionally.
The die needs a cutter that can use at least a 6" wide die. 

In some roller or press machines, with a non adjustable opening, an excellent shim can be achieved by using two of our mats underneath the die and one on top as it goes through the rollers, and then they can be used to replace older mats as they wear.

Made right here in Australia with state of the art machinery.  All materials used are of the highest quality. Our own brand of cutting mat is made in Victoria, to our specifications and has been quality tested. They are interchangeable with other plastic cutting mats. 

We give a 1 year replacement warranty, and guarantee our workmanship.