Patchwork of the Crosses, Elongated Hexagon 1" square and surrounding fabric template

The perfect take-anywhere template so you can easily cut out templates on paper, freezer paper or dissolvable stabiliser, as well as using the outside template for the fabric, whether or not you wish to "fussy cut" as Lucy Boston did on most of her blocks.

Free postage!!

With holes for pinning the template for fussing cutting multiple layers. 1 inch finished sides

Includes; 1" elongated hexagon for the paper piecing, and the matching square, also the template for the fabrics, with a more generous seam allowance, 3/8" for either hand basting or glue basting.  If you wish to whip stitch, hand sew with a running stitch or machine sew, or even a mixture of both, the choice is yours!

We now have an alternative, if you wish to machine sew, please request a 1/4" frame for the elongated hexagon.

As these are manufactured on site, please ask if you wish these or other templates in a different size.

At the moment, available in Fluorescent Orange, Yellow and Clear, other colours in the near future.

Please note, this item does not include the book!

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