Mini Necessary Clutch Wallet (NCW) Template 9 piece set -CL2141

With permission from the designer, Janelle MacKay from Emmaline Bags, I can offer a template set as adapted by Tanglewebb Designs, for the much desired Mini Clutch Wallet.  This will make your cutting and measuring so much quicker.  Remember, you must own the pattern to make sense of the template set and to be able to purchase the set.  The link is here Emmaline bags

Please note; The ruler for the card slots has the marking for each fold, you will still need to cut the rectangle in the size stated on the pattern.  Our ruler is just to make the card slot markings easy... if we included the entire card slot template, the cost would be excessive and it would be too long for a standard post bag.  

It is the same price as the normal sized one, but actually uses more acrylic. 

At the moment we have Fluro Yellow, Fluro Pink, and Clear.  All colours are easy to see through. So order now.  Great for gift giving. 

Hardware can be purchased from Sew Creative Supplies