Mask, "Magic Series" Medium - 3D contoured Face Mask, made with permission - 6250 - Mat included

Mask, Magic Series, Medium - 3D contoured Face Mask, made with permission - 6250

Uses a 6" x 12" cutting mat (2612) INCLUDED !

This pattern is very comfortable and as it contours to the nose and cheeks perfectly, there is no need for a nose wire. 

This Magic Series Mask is for those with small cutters that measure 6 inches or wider.  The shapes needed are cut by folding the fabric along the engraved lines. We have other dies using this pattern, but they are for cutters with a 10" opening at least.

You can adapt this as you please, but Yi Farn from Japanese Sewing Books has already done the hard work!  She has kindly given us permission to link back to her website, where you can download the instructions, and even the pattern if you wish... the die is just if you are making lots of masks.  Here is the link to the pattern

While there, also look at her PDF patterns.  The prices are in Singapore dollars which is at the moment almost at parity with Australian dollars, $1 SPD = $1.02 AUD.  Here is the link for her gorgeous patterns, get ready for summer! Sew a lovely bag .

With our die, instead of making two separate dies for the outer and the lining, we have made engraved lines to place the lining fabric between, ie 20 cm for medium and 21cm for the large. This die isn't wide enough for the Extra Large.  

This particular die needs a cutter that can use at least a 6" wide die.  

At last, an Australian made cutting die that can fit in most brands of Fabric Cutters.

 In some rollers or press machines, with a non adjustable opening, an excellent shim can be achieved by using two of our mats underneath the die and one on top as it goes through the rollers, and then they can be used to replace older mats as they wear.

Made right here in Australia with state of the art machinery.  All materials used are of the highest quality. Our own brand of cutting mat is made in Victoria, to our specifications and has been quality tested. They are interchangeable with other plastic cutting mats. We give a 1 year replacement warranty, and guarantee our workmanship.

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