Hexagon, Nested 1" to 4"

3mm Acrylic, 7 piece set  (CL2115) 
A1 Craft and Quilting's own templates;
The perfect take-anywhere templates so you can easily cut out directly on fabric, whether or not you wish to "fussy cut".
For ease of use, it is recommended that you use a piece of sticky tape (washi tape leaves no marks)  to join several sizes to stabilize the template, or you may wish to place a thumb tack to secure the template to the cutting board.
Perfect for framed hexagons, modern quilts etc.
Finished hexagons at 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2",4"
With holes for pinning the template for fussy cutting multiple layers. Pin/pencil holes for marking seam allowance, which are at the standard 1/4".
If you wish to whip stitch, hand sew with a running stitch or machine sew, or even a mixture of both, the choice is yours!
As these are manufactured on site, please ask if you wish these or other templates in a different size.
At the moment, only available in Fluorescent Yellow, Pink and Orange, other colours in the near future.
These templates are laser cut to ensure accuracy.
Proudly made in Australia
A1 Craft and Quilting