Catching up and even adding new dies. All outstanding orders will go out the week starting 16th May.

Hattie's Choice - 6867 - makes a 12" finished block - Pattern, and mat included

Hattie's Choice - 6867 - makes a 12" finished block

12" finished block when sewn into a quilt.

A Classic shape, made modern!

Now it can be combined with 6866... Morning Star, also a 12" finished block

All parts on one die, needs a cutter with at least a 10" opening.  

Pattern on Reverse of packaging.

Uses a 10" x 15" cutting mat (2015) INCLUDED !

Do you want a lid with that? 
Not included, but available separately CL1015

Cuts 6 layers of 100% cotton (recommended), although it can cut 8 layers occasionally.

This die and combinations are incredible!  There are so many ways to assemble this, so I am putting a few here to inspire!  Mix and Match with other 12" finished blocks.

I will be including a brief pattern to make this inside the packaging. Including, like I say, a layout plan to make it easier and less confusing to join the cut pieces into perfection!
There are numerous free patterns for this on the internet as well.


At last, an Australian made cutting die that can fit in most brands of Fabric Cutters. Cuts 6 layers of 100% cotton (recommended), although it can cut 8 layers occasionally.  

In some roller or press machines, with a non adjustable opening, an excellent shim can be achieved by using two of our mats underneath the die and one on top as it goes through the rollers, and then they can be used to replace older mats as they wear.

Made right here in Australia with state of the art machinery.  All materials used are of the highest quality. Our own brand of cutting mat is made in Victoria, to our specifications and has been quality tested. They are interchangeable with other plastic cutting mats. 

We give a 1 year replacement warranty, and guarantee our workmanship.

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