Diamond 60° - 7" finished - 6939 - mat included

Diamond 60° - 7" finished - 6939- mat included

Uses a 10" x  15" cutting mat (2015) INCLUDED !

Do you want a lid with that? 
Not included, but available separately CL1015

 Almost identical to 6940, but with a 1.75 millimetre or so difference. The pattern for this will be on the back. We made this die with its corresponding smaller diamonds at the beginning of last year but somehow, I forgot to put it on the website... too busy with requests!  

This would look great with large scale or blender fabrics alike. 

I will include the pattern for the sample quilt, "Diamond Rain", which also needs die 6489

For fussy cutting, layer fabric so that the repeats are on top of each other.  You can cut a diamond with the die by using a thicker sheet of paper, and mark with an erasable pen, the boundaries of the cut.  You can pin the fabric together until you cut.

Making the diamond like this enables you to move the fabric down or across the die to save fabric.  

Cuts 6 layers of 100% cotton (recommended), although it can cut 8 layers occasionally.

The die needs a cutter that can use at least a 10" wide die. 

At last, an Australian made cutting die.  Cuts 6 layers of 100% cotton (recommended), although it can cut 8 layers occasionally.  

Made right here in Australia with state of the art machinery.  All materials used are of the highest quality. Our own brand of cutting mat is made in Victoria, to our specifications and has been quality tested. They are interchangeable with other plastic cutting mats. 

We give a 1 year replacement warranty, and guarantee our workmanship.