Terial Magic Spray - Fabric Stiffener

Terial Magic™ is perfect for all fabric art. Treat your fabric in 3 simple steps... spray, air dry and iron! Treating fabric with Terial Magic™ gives you the freedom to be creative by allowing you to cut and sew single-ply fabric that will hold shapes and not fray away.

Think of a fabric with paper like qualities that you can cut, sew, iron, gather and shape into art or whatever you want to do.

Appliqué Quilting, fabric cutting.. lot of uses using Terial Magic      or watch the videos here

Applique quilters spray their fabric with Terial Magic™ in order to get the stiffer, fray-resistant properties that make it so easy to work with.

  • Cut small, intricate shapes
  • Raw edge appliqué
  • Treat the quilt back for smooth and easy machine quilting - once the quilt is finished, just wash the Terial Magic™ right out!
  • Use Terial Magic™ instead of freezer paper and starch
  • Pieced seams stay flat when sewing multiple layers together.
  • Have you used it on your appliqué quilting yet?


It irons beautifully! Terial Magic™ lasts, but is water soluble and can be washed out if desired.

For more permanence and water resistance use a clear matte acrylic spray finish on finished art.

Other uses include appliqué quilting, printing directly onto fabric in your printer, cutting treated fabric in your electronic paper cutter.

24 ounce bottle, 710 mls

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