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Instrumental Music - "Luscious & Boisterous" CD by Edward R. Grimmer - 18 Songs

Luscious and Boisterous

a Unique Instrumental Keyboard Solo Performance


Edward R Grimmer

Edward R. Grimmer, born in 1950, is an Independent Australian Artist that Plays, Records and Produces all his high quality CD's. He has played the piano and the piano accordion since age 9, later the electric organ and has settled with his instrument of choice, the keyboard, because of its versatility and the great sounds they produce with the added possibilities of great accompaniment rhythms and recording track over track with sounds of different instruments. With his arrangements and style he produces such changes that create a certain uniqueness to his music.


  1. Arthur's Theme
  2. It Must Have Been Love
  3. It's Good to go Trav'ling
  4. Jurassic Park
  5. The Greatest Love of All
  6. Let's Dance
  7. Love is all Around
  8. Mona Lisa
  9. Love's Roundabout
  10. Missing You
  11. My Elusive Dreams
  12. Nightingale
  13. People
  14. Forrest Gump Suite
  15. Unchained Melody
  16. All Kinds of Everything
  17. Circle of Life
  18. Give a Little Love

Total Duration is 76 minutes of pure listening pleasure, this CD was licensed and released in February 2012

All CD's are Brand New and come sealed in a slim plastic case.

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